Design and Designer Supervision

Design and Designer Supervision

For the high quality performance of its activity “WATER DEISGN” company has a team of highly-qualified TECHNOLOGY EXPERTS, chemists and designers on all project parts (construction – structure, electrics, control and measurement devices and automation, machinery, architecture, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, energy efficiency, fire safety, geodesy, geology, hydrology, health and safety plan, construction wastes management plan, landscaping, etc.).  All designers have Licenses for Full Legal Capacity in Design, issued by the Chamber of Engineers in the Investment Design).

During the design stage, in order to guarantee SUCCESS, we observe the following:

  • Minimizing hydraulic losses.

  • Investigation of alternative solutions with various reagents in order to optimize any future expenses.

  • Good coordination of work of the separate fields of study.

  • Investigation of options for minimum re-pumping of the main flow.

  • Full process management and automation which decreases the need of a large number of highly-qualified staff.

  • Each designer in the team aims at minimum capital investments and operating costs for the respective project part, complying with the legislation  and reliability of structure.

  • Constant designer supervision and control of implementation for the project compliance. 

  • “WATER DESIGN” guarantees the quality of the suggested technological decisions and achievement of the final results.

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