Technical Assistance and Consultations

Technical Assistance and Consultations

  • Preparation of tender documents for private and public tenders, technical specifications for contract notices for design, construction, engineering, etc.

  • Cooperation in the preparation of coordinating statements, permits, preliminary contracts with service companies, necessary for financing and achieving full project readiness.

  • Preparation of detailed site development plans, plot plans, etc.

  • Preparation of documents for issuing permits for discharge of treated waste water.

  • Ecological assessments.

  • Finding long – term optimal solutions.

  • Laboratory tests for selection and optimization of the technological process.

  • Implementation of the latest waste water and drinking water treatment technologies. 

  • Finding alternative solutions for achieving minimum operating costs (power consumption, reagents, etc.).

  • Offering options for easy operation and maintenance.

  • Minimum construction to restrict land development. 

  • Working independently from any manufacturer we offer independent consultation and alternative solutions to our clients. 

In the technical assistance stage the team of technology experts and chemists analyzes various options of technological schemes in order to optimize the initial capital investments and the resultant operating costs for each particular project.