v Contract No. 636 – ИЕ-16 dated 03,06.2016 with subject:  Designer supervision for the construction works” for site “Pedestrian bridge of Yantra river” between “Avram Gachev” Str. and “Dunav” Str., Gabrovo town, including communications and lights, drainage and landscaping

v  The designer supervision is implemented under detailed design prepared on all parts in accordance with “ORDINANCE No. 4 of 21 May 2001 on the scope and content of the investment projects” prepared by Water Design EOOD under contract No. 745 – ИЕ – 15 – dated 18.09.2015 and terminated with the issuing of a Building Permit on July 27th, 2016

Contracting authority: Gabrovo Municipality

Start 18-09-2015           

End 04-06-2018

The bridge is a pedestrian connection between the streets Avram Gachev and Dunav in Gabrovo town. Its length is 32 meters and its width varies from 5,00 to 7,2 m according to the outlines in the plan.

There is an alley and grass areas. There are two locations for recreation with planned benches.  The frame of the bridge is reinforced concrete with concrete to be used in an inclination, hydroisolation, paste and sand cement and natural stone pavement. 

The walking areas have LED lights as well as art lights on the bridge.

Пешеходен мост - гр. габрово